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The curious language of a multilingual toddler

The curious language of a multilingual toddler | Trilingual Mama

Rémy has developed the curious language of a multilngual toddler. He is being raised in three languages. He gets French from his Papa, family, friends and everywhere else  as we live in France. I am using a one parent two language system with my children, using a time rotation of 2 weeks for English and Spanish. Every other Saturday we switch from Spanish to English and vice versa. For the record, he is also exposed to two additional languages. He is a huge fan of the Dino Lingo DVD’s in Italian (he watches a 35 minute video about once or twice a week) and we have introduced a handful of simple sign language. All of this makes for some rather curious language! He has invented many words of his own and we have fun trying to decipher what these invented words mean and unraveling their curious etymology! Here’s just a few of the words that make up his curious trilingual toddler repertoire…. Continue reading

the Zazoo! French English bilingual story books for children

If you are looking for French English bilingual story books for children, let us introduce you to the Zazoo of Little Bilingues! Their most recently published book “Adventures at the beach” is perfect for the summer. “I don’t know what to wear” is more suited for the winter, but remains my son Rémy’s favorite. A third book “Let’s Discover Paris!” will be released in August.

Come discover these charming little books with their endearing characters as well as a few things about the Little Bilingues learning method…

the Zazoo! French English bilingual story books for children | Trilingual Mama

The books are inviting. The cover is filled with seven smiling, colorful, adorable characters that seem to say, “Come in and play with us!” You will notice that there are blue and pink conversation bubbles. In the blue bubbles you will find phrases in English and in the  pink bubbles you will find French.

Judith, founder of Little Bilingues and author of the Zazoo books, shares with us the four underlying principles in the learning method she uses for her books. You will find her words in the quotes below…

Continue reading

And the Librileo giveaway winner is…

Hello folks! If you’re here to learn who the Librileo German book box giveaway winner is, you have come to the right place! Thank you for your participation –  we had over 200 entries and I wish I could give a book box to each and everyone of you that participated! And thank you for your patience – I had a few technical difficulties, but all is resolved and if you will just click here or scroll down, I will reveal the lucky giveaway winner to you!

And the winner of the Librileo giveaway is... |Trilingual Mama

So without further ado, congratulations to Sonja Reinhold, a German, living as an expat in the United States. Sonja,please send me your address as well as the age of your child or children and Librileo will get your book box shipped to you! And we would love to hear back from you to tell us how you like the box.

I will be reviewing a Librileo German book box in the near future, so stay tuned. Thank you once again to all who participated. Have a fantastic day!

Dino Lingo: a fun way to learn a new language

Dino Lingo: a fun way to learn a new language | Trilingual Mama If you are looking for a fun way to learn a new language, Dino Lingo has an excellent program to get you started. We received our Dino Lingo language learning program mid-May and my children are hooked! As you know, my children are being raised in French, English and Spanish, so we thought we’d try something new: Italian! Rémy (20 months old), Gabriela (8 years old) and Elena (10 years old) have each gotten involved in the learning, each in his or her own way. If you have wondered about how to introduce or re-introduce a heritage language, or a new language altogether, the Dino Lingo set is a great choice. Let me tell you a little more about the package and how we’ve used it in our home… Continue reading

MKB One World Futbol giveaway

MKB One World Futbol giveaway | Trilingual Mama

We are so excited to support One World Futbol in their mission to bring the healing power of play to youth worldwide through their nearly indestructible soccer/football. The One World Futbol never needs a pump and never goes flat—even when punctured multiple times—due to its ingenious technology. But what we truly love about their model is for every ball purchased, they donate one to organizations working with youth in disadvantaged communities worldwide. Continue reading

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