My most precious Christmas gifts #ShareTheGift | Trilingual Mama

My most precious Christmas gifts #ShareTheGift

My most precious Christmas gifts is a true Christmas story I wrote a few years ago on Busy as a Bee in Paris. It is a good reminder to me about the reason for this season and which Christmas gifts are the ones that truly count. So I am reposting it here on Trilingual Mama. I hope it will lift and inspire you during this special time of the year. This is what I “got” for Christmas [three years ago]…. But first, a little background…. Just…

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Online bilingual toys & books for children in the UK | Trilingual Mama

Online bilingual toys & books for children in the UK

Mommies Tongue is an online company based in the UK that specializes in bilingual toys, books and learning tools to help aid the development of babies and children in their language skills.   With the growing number of families trying to raise their children with one or two mother tongues or a different foreign language altogether, high quality bilingual educational toys and books are increasingly sought out. When Chanelle and her spouse started out on their bilingual journey, they experienced frustration when trying to find…

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Raising Bilingual Children: A speech pathologist’s advice | guest post on Trilingual Mama

Raising Bilingual Children: A speech pathologist’s advice

I am absolutely thrilled to have Lauren Michelle as a guest on Trilingual Mama to share some very important tips for raising bilingual children (this is her advice as a trained speech pathologist). Enjoy! After years of guiding families as they raise bilingual children, I know how valuable possessing a second language can be to a child, and I also know the challenges that can arise in the learning process. I’m here today to share with you the one simple piece of advice I have found…

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The Zazoo: Let's Discover Paris! French-English book for kids | book review on Trilingual Mama

The Zazoo: Let’s Discover Paris! French-English kids’ book

The Zazoo: Let’s Discover Paris! is Little Bilingue’s latest French-English kids’ book. (Amazon Affiliate links are provided in this post.) We already have the first two Zazoo books: I don’t know what to wear!  and Adventures at the Beach and we love them! My daughters 8 and 11 enjoy reading them and my two year old son is head over heels in love with the Zazoo books. (I especially love it when my 8-year old Gabriela reads to my 2-year old Rémy!) Needless to say, we…

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Global Mom: A Memoir | book review on Trilingual Mama

Global Mom: A Memoir

This is a book review of Global Mom: A Memoir. Amazon Affiliate links included at the bottom of this post.   Melissa is a storyteller – a griot of sorts – verbally passing on her story that it might not be forgotten. She seeks to perpetuate her profound and beautiful history which she will tell you has no beginning and earnestly endeavors to see that it has no end. Her prose is flowery and poetic, yet loaded with cultural, historical and political savvy. She takes…

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10 things to help multilingual children grasp language | Trilingual Mama

10 things to help multilingual children grasp language

These are 10 things to help multilingual children grasp language from the earliest age and well into their teens. Match words to actions. If I’m changing my baby’s diaper, I tell him so. If I’m bathing him, I explain each part of the body as I touch an arm, a leg, a belly, etc. If we are going to the park, I let him know. Even as they grow older, I apply this rule. “Gabriela, do you like that jungle gym?” Snuggles and kisses. This reinforces…

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Choco Oatmeal Cookies

Choco Oatmeal Cookies

These choco oatmeal cookies are amazing! And since back-to-school means afterschool snacks, this chocolate recipe book was taken down from the cupboard and dusted off, once again to be put to good use! {Recipe below.} Because I love meeting my kids afterschool with warm goodies I baked with my own two little hands! And when it involves chocolate? Even better! Choco oatmeal cookies by Trish Deseine in Je veux du chocolat! 70 g. rolled oats 210 g. salted butter (softened) 100 g. powdered sugar 220 g.…

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Autumn day activities for language expression | Trilingual Mama

Autumn day activities for language expression

Our Autumn days are quickly fleeing us and my children are filled with an ever growing excitement at the magic of the holiday season that lies ahead. But just to make sure we live in the present and enjoy the “presents” that each season offers I took my girls on a little walk a few days ago. Just a hop and a skip from our neighborhood, this little path of trees had been calling to me for sometime. It was the perfect opportunity for one…

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An International Thanksgiving round-up of recipes | Trilingual Mama

An International Thanksgiving round-up of recipes

Whether you are an American living abroad or an expat living in the United States or a foreigner married to an American or just looking for fresh new ways to cook and eat the bounty of Fall’s harvest with an international twist, Trilingual Mama presents An International Thanksgiving round-up of recipes. Giuliana of Washington, Dead Chef was my inspiration, but all that followed was nothing less than a bounteous flood of International Thanksgiving food revelation! I’ve organized the recipes by different courses of a meal. Enjoy! Appetizers:…

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Homemade pretzels – an autumn family tradition

One of our favorite things to do when the weather gets cold is make homemade pretzels – an autumn family tradition. But we love to make them as it gets closer to Christmas as well! I’ll post the recipe at the bottom of the post, in case you are interested. One of the key components to our multilingual, multicultural family is a rich diversity of activities – indoors and outdoors. I believe that this gives us ample opportunities to practice language, develop vocabularies and teach…

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