101 ideas of language immersion activities for the summer, part I

Language immersion activities for the summer? Since we all know that children learn best while at play, I can’t think of a better way to immerse them in language! Here are 101 ideas for language immersion activities while playing outdoors! Even if you are a monolingual parent or don’t speak the target language natively, it would be so simple to learn a few vocabulary words and phrases and pass them on to your children as they play outdoors! As you will see in the photo collages below, language immersion activities don’t need to be complicated or costly, most of them are right under your nose! As far as the vocabulary and phrases are concerned, I’ve included a few simple ideas and suggestions. This is part I of my collection…. Enjoy!

101 ideas for language immersion activities for the summer, part I | Trilingual Mama

1. Smell flowers. Learn how to express like or dislike as well as  vocabulary to describe scents. 2. Roller blade. Learn vocabulary for locomotion and safety. 3. Feed farm animals. Learn  animalvocabulary. 4. Relax at the park. Learn to say just chillin’… 😉 and the names of the park equipment. 5. Pick strawberries. Learn vocabulary specific to strawberries: red, ripe, sweet, delicious. 6. Water balloon fight. Learn vocabulary and phrases common to a water balloon fight: run, watch out, you got me! 7. Carry baby brother or sister on shoulders. Learn phrases to carry baby in a safe way: Hold him tight and Be careful. 8. Run in a field. Learn vocabulary like field, run, play, summer, hot. 9. Take baby to the rocking frog at the park. Learn to say Can you rock back and forth? and Hold on tight! 10. Ring around the rosy. Learn an American nursery rhyme or another culturally appropriate nursery rhyme. 11. Doggy pile! Learn how to say Ouch! and Help! and Get me out of here! 12. Blow bubbles. Learn how to say bubbles, blow and Don’t spill the bubble solution! 13. Play with sand. Learn how to say sand and Don’t get it in your hair and Don’t eat the sand! 14. Run in the waves at the beach. Learn how to say Ready, set, go! and The water is cold/warm!

101 ideas for language immersion activities for the summer, part I | Trilingual Mama

15. Take a walk in Paris 😉 (or the biggest city near you).  Learn vocabulary for avenue, buildings, metro, subway. 16. Go swimming. Learn water and swimming vocabulary as well as phrases to keep the children safe. 17. Hop scotch. Learn vocabulary for hopscotch, jump or hop, numbers as well as phrases to indicate whose turn it is. 18. Sidewalk chalk. Learn vocabulary for chalk, colors and simple drawing vocabulary. 19. Get lost in a flower maze. Learn simple flower vocabulary, colors and how to say I’m stuck or I can’t find my way out! 20. Follow the leader. Learn how to say Come this way or Follow me! 21. Feed the ducks. Learn how to say ducks, waddle, greedy, gourmand. 22. Jump rope. Learn how to say jump rope, jump now, try again and Good job! 23. Watch the sunset at the lake. Learn to say lake, water, sunset, silhouette. 24. Go for a jog. Learn to say run, jog, faster, slower and You’re doing great! 25. Trace shadows. Learn to say Stand here. Stand still, Don’t move, Trace the shadow,

101 ideas for language immersion activities for the summer, part I | Trilingual Mama

26. Play tag.Learn to say You’re it! and You can’t catch me! 27. Pick raspberries.Learn to say raspberries, big, red and juicy. 28. Pick apples.Learn to say apple, red, green, yellow, cruncy, sweet or tart. 29. Play at the swings. Learn how to say swing and Don’t fall! 30. Be joyful! Learn how to say I love you to see you happy! 31. Eat more ice cream! Learn how to say Eat it fast before it melts! 32. Go on a pedal boat ride. Learn how to say Pedal hard! 33. Laugh and laugh some more! Learn how to say I love to hear you laugh! 34. Look for shells on the beach. Learn how to say shells, starfish and baby crabs. 35. Take your baby to the lake. Learn how to say floatie, baby pirate 😉 and The water’s nice! 

101 ideas for language immersion activities for the summer, part I | Trilingual Mama

36.Jump on a trampoline. Learn how to say jump, jump high, flip, bounce. 37. Make an earthworm compost. Learn to say earthworm, soil, compost, ewww and yucky! 38. Run through water mists in a city plaza. Learn to say water mist, run, I’m all wet and This is so fun! 39. Play on a see-saw. How do you say see-saw in your language?! 40. Eat ice cream in a city plaza. Learn vocabulary for all the different flavors of ice cream! 41. Plant a garden. Learn how to say seed, seedling, plant, vegetables, fruit, harvest. 42. Accrobranche. Zip-lining and tree-climbing all rolled into one? How do you say accrobranche in English?! 43. Slip and slide. Learn to say Run fast and Sliiiiiide! 44. Explore a new place wherever you live. Learn to say Let’s go here or Look at this! 45. Visit a waterfall. Learn how to say waterfall. 46. Go bug-hunting. Learn vocabulary for all sorts of insects and critters. 47. Build a playhouse. Learn to follow instructions for building. 48. Spend time with cousins in your home country. Playtime in the target language! No adult interaction needed! 49. Go to the zoo! Learn animal vocabulary.

Part II coming soon! Are you ready for part II? Here it is: 101 ideas of language immersion activities for the summer, part II.

What’s summer like wherever you live? What outdoor activities do your children naturally do there?

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  1. This is the funnest blog post! What an awesome collection of ideas. :)

  2. Yogamama says:

    Great ideas! I have a question, do you ever teach your kids British English vs. American English (just chillin’)? Do they know others who speak American English there? My cousin’s daughter grew up in England and loved learning to speak “American”. Thanks for sharing at the Creative Kids Culture Blog Hop.

    • Maria says:

      Hi Yogamama! I rarely teach my kids British English because I don’t know it mostly but when we pick a phrase here or there, yes, we like to have fun with it! Incidentally, Brittish English is what is taught in the French public schools. Thank you for stopping by!

  3. Anna says:

    Oh my goodness this is amazing!! We are in Turkey for the summer and my three children (2, 5, 6) refuse to speak Turkish, although they understand everything. (Can we say stubborn?) I was wondering if perhaps it’s because they hear me speaking English to my husband, and they don’t think they need to… My husband only speaks to them in Turkish. Anyway, I will put into action some of the items on this (incredible) list. It’s fun, and maybe if they see Mama speaking English, they’ll join in? Thanks for inspiring me! :)

    • Maria says:

      Dear Anna, your comment made my day! Glad to know you find the list helpful and fun! You’ll have to let me know if it really helps! Do you speak Turkish? I just took a peek at your blog! How fun! And I had no idea Turkish toilets were truly used in Turkey!!! -Maria

  4. Ahora no tengo ninguna excusa para enseñarle a mi nene nuevas palabras en Español durante el verano. :) Thank you for sharing at the Creative Kids Culture Blog Hop!

  5. Terri says:

    I love the way you think! This a lot like the approach I’m taking with my children while teaching them German. Since I am learning along with them, I’m just learning phrases and words that are applicable to the our activities. It’s a great way to sprinkle the language throughout their day and life. Great ideas!

  6. Such fun ideas! I love the “baby pirate.”

  7. Kent Jude Beldeniza says:

    This is so awesome! 😀 Thanks for the information!

  8. Diana Sampedro. BABY ENGLISH says:

    Gracias for this post! Packed with useful ideas! I use a lot too this one at the beach with my daughter ( We are Spanish speakers but I talk English with her, she is bilingual) STAY WITHIN YOUR DEPTH and also DO YOU PREFER A CUP OR A CONE? ( talking about ice-creams)

  9. Diana Sampedro. BABY ENGLISH says:

    Thanks to you Maria! And by the way, the rocking frogs are those spring things :) you find at the park, you call them always rocking frogs, no matter the shape they have? I also heard some people calling them springers? is that correct? Gracias!

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