Children’s bilingual books to learn French, Spanish, German

Children's bilingual books to learn French, Spanish, German | Trilingual Mama in partnership with Ornicar publishing

Ornicar publishing offers children’s bilingual books to learn French, Spanish and German, that allow children to have fun as they are immersed in the bilingual world of the Zazoo characters. Their methods and materials have been tested and approved by teachers… and pupils! Whether your children want to travel to a foreign country, have fun while cooking or a book to help them wind down at bedtime, the Zazoo are ready and willing critters to join in all the fun.

I’ve been using the Zazoo books since my son Rémy was less than a year old (he’s now almost 4!) and they have been a joyful source of language learning, time and time again. But Rémy is not the only one enjoying these books at home! My older girls Elena (12) and Gabriela (10) have also enjoyed reading the stories to each other and to their little brother Rémy. (Read my reviews below.)

So without further ado, just click on the image above to visit my online boutique where you’ll find language resources for children in French, Spanish and German. If you order using the code TMAMA you get a 5% discount and shipping is FREE on all international orders above 25€.