Easy Mexican style omelette

Hispanic Heritage Month is still in full force and so I’m chiming in today with a recipe: an easy Mexican style omelette! (All my friends who miss my recipes on my blog will be happy too!) Eating Mexican style food is one of the most prominent ways that we keep our Mexican heritage alive in our family and I’ve yet to hear a single complaint! 😉 So without further ado, here is the delicious Mexican style omelette that my brothers cooked up for my parents and me when I was visiting them in California this past August.

Easy Mexican style omelette | Trilingual Mama

Our Mexican style omelette was garnished with slices of Monterey Jack pepper cheese, grilled veggies (tomatoes, bell peppers, onions) and freshly sliced avocados.

Easy Mexican style omelette | Trilingual Mama

Delicious pineapple sausages! We found these at Costco! To die for! My only regret? We don’t have Costco here in France and it’s one of the things we miss most about the United States! However, rumor has it they will be coming to Paris in 2015! Yay!

Easy Mexican style omelette | Trilingual Mama

Cubed, steamed and sautéed potatoes (this is the way I learned to make them from my French mother-in-law!). Crispy and succulent!

Easy Mexican style omelette | Trilingual Mama

7 grain bread lightly toasted. A healthy addition to our Mexican inspired brunch. Tortillas may have been what you were expecting, but toast it was on this particular morning.

Easy Mexican style omelette | Trilingual Mama

Dad’s hands neatly folded as he patiently waited for his brunch to be served!

Easy Mexican style omelette | Trilingual Mama

Country style Minute Maid orange juice – an all American touch to our Mexican brunch! We could have substituted by one of these refreshing Mexican drinks.

In the end, as you can plainly see, our Mexican style brunch was also a melting pot of culinary flavors and traditions! But then again, I didn’t hear a single complaint! We ate to our heart’s content and finished with our bellies so full that we had abundant leftovers for the evening that we ate rolled up in a… flour tortilla! Viva Mexico!

If you are a multicultural family, do you see recipes, ingredients and cooking techniques from your different cultures melding together in your family cuisine?

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Mmmmm! Now I have to have that for breakfast tomorrow. Thank goodness I have some avocado!

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