Free French children’s stories online

I am thrilled to introduce you to a new series on Trilingual Mama! I will be scouring the Internet and presenting you my best finds with features of online bilingual stories for children, most of them free! Today’s feature are three four French children’s stories online, all of which are known and loved classics found on the French Experiment. The four stories available are Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Little Red Riding Hood, the Ugly Duckling and the Three Little Pigs.

Free French children's stories online | Feature on Trilingual Mama



Free French Children's Stories Online | Feature on Trilingual Mama

Goldilocks is also available in Italian, Spanish and German.

Little Red Riding Hood

Free French Children's Stories Online | Feature on Trilingual Mama

Little Red Riding Hood is also available in Italian and Spanish.

The Ugly Duckling

Free French Children's Stories Online | Feature on Trilingual Mama

The Ugly Duckling is currently available only in French.

The Three Little Pigs

Three Pigs thumbnail

The Three Little Pigs is also available in Spanish, Italian and German.

What I love about these online stories is that each includes several beautiful illustrations accompanied by an audio clip. The story is read aloud by a native speaker, who offers authentic pronunciation, but speaks slowly enough and enunciates well enabling beginning speakers to clearly understand. I find the rate of speech to be a bit too slow for native speakers, but for true beginners, it’s nice.

The French text allows the user to ‘read along’ and a hidden English translation is readily availalble with the click of the mouse (the translation appears below the French text and can be hidden again also with a click of the mouse). Each story lasts approximately 6-7 minutes. You could also read the story yourself if you speak French, instead of listening to the audio clip.

If you are interested in other online bilingual stories for children, please follow this link: Free online books for kids in multiple languages 

Do you have any favorite sites or applications for online bilingual stories for children? Please share them with us!

18 Responses

  1. juggan says:

    i am so glad i found this page… me and my daughter have just started learning French.

  2. Pat says:

    Finally a site that French is spoken but slow enough to understand, the vocabulary is not too advanced but still one can learn new words and phrases. Having an authentic speaker is also a plus! Kudos!

  3. Rosie says:

    HI simply love the stories here… but there are only…you you be putting more up?

  4. sheila raza says:

    great site. please put more stories up soon

  5. maya says:

    great site. please put more stories up soon

  6. Doha says:

    Yes please put more stories it’s very nice and useful thanks a lot

  7. Debra Lewis says:

    Thank you so much. I like that the French is spoken slowly enough to understand and I can read along with it.

  8. Pat says:

    I am a pen pal to a poor little boy in the Congo who is trying to learn to read. His language is French, so I am hoping that some simple, classic children stories will aid him in his learning. Thanks for this website.

  9. Ahmed Mekhlif says:

    Thanks a lot for these wonderful stories :-)

  10. Aniedoabasi says:

    Bonsoir Marie! Je suis Nigerian donc nous parlons anglais, mais j’apprends Francais. Je vois que vous utilisez le passé simple beaucoup. Ca va m’aider parce que je ne l’utilise jamais. Votre site c’est excellent sauf qu’il y a quelque fautes d’othographie……
    Merci d’avoir créer ce site! J’espere que ma francais c’est ok

  11. Arsh says:

    I loved your books post some more please

  12. gorguiee says:

    post more pleaseeeee

  13. This is wonderful! What a great idea, love the design too. Is it all done by volunteers?

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