International organizations that accept hair donations

Donating your hair for use to make wigs for people who have illnesses that cause them to lose their hair, is an act of service that can make a positive difference in someone’s life. Coincidentally, or not, as I was preparing this post I came across this very sweet video of a 3 year old girl who donates her own hair. It is very touching!

You can read the full story here: A 3-year-old’s heartwarming motivation to help children with cancer. Chez nous it was also a sweet experience to watch my oldest daughter Elena make the choice to donate her hair. Finding where to donate the hair was a little more tricky and so I thought I’d share the resources that were shared with me by several friends.

Many hairdressers have connections with organizations that accept hair donations, so if you’re looking for a place to donate to, you might want to start with your hair dresser. If not, here are some organizations and charities all over the globe that accept hair donations for making wigs.

  • New Zealand. I had previously thought of hair loss connected only to cancer patients going through chemotherapy, but a friend of mine talked to me about *Alopecia Areata, which is a common autoimmune skin disease resulting in the loss of hair on the scalp and elsewhere on the body. The National Alopecia Areata Foundation has a wig manufacturer in New Zealand that accepts hair donations. *Read my friend’s experience with Alopecia Areata here: Finding a Princess in Every Girl.
  • Netherlands. My friend Ute told me about her hairdresser in the Netherlands who cuts his hair every year to donate to Two other organizations are: and
  • UK. In the UK, there is: as well as the charity that we chose to donate Elena’s hair to: Little Princess Trust. The donation process is clearly and simply explained and the donor receives a pretty certificate in the mail.
  • USA. In the USA, Pantene Beautiful Lengths makes wigs to donate to women with cancer. They require 8 inches of hair. Locks of Love is a charity that makes wigs for children. They require 10 inches of hair. Apparently they sell their wigs, but wigs are very costly to make even with the hair being donated. Wigs 4 Kids is another well-known organization in the USA.
  • France. Even though we live in France we didn’t end up using an organization in France because the information for donating hair was difficult to find on the website. For what it’s worth, here it is anyway: Any d’Avray. Apparently, many hairdressers in France will take care of everything for you: wash hair, cut it, mail it in and your child even walks away with a lollipop and hair donation certificate! EDITED 20/11/2016: A friend of mine just informed me that there is another organization in France that accepts hair donations. It is called SOLIDHAIR and you can visit their website here: Donate hair in France.
  • Belgium. If you live in Belgium, you can request a special postage paid envelope on this website: If you live outside of Belgium, you can send the hair donation to the following address. Hair must be clean and dry and packed in a plastic bag to protect the hair.
    Coupe D’éclat
    Sint-Pietersmolenstraat 23
    8000 Bruges
International charities & organizations that accept hair donations | list on Trilingual Mama

Elena’s hair was so long!

International charities & organizations that accept hair donations | list on Trilingual Mama

She brushed it out carefully to get ready for me to cut it.

International charities & organizations that accept hair donations | list on Trilingual Mama

We sectioned it off into a long ponytail divided into two sections as she wanted to keep some of her length. If I were to do this again, I would have made several smaller ponytails as this one big ponytail was hard to cut through!

International charities & organizations that accept hair donations | list on Trilingual Mama

Here is the cut ponytail that we mailed.


A few tips

Hair does need to be clean and dry. Most organizations accept colored but not bleached hair. The minimum length is usually between 8-10″ or around 20-25 cm., but it really depends on the organization, so make sure you read the organization’s guidelines carefully! When the hair is cut, it should be carefully bound into a ponytail. Did you know that several ponytails of donated hair are needed to make one wig? The video below demonstrates how a wig is carefully prepared using donated hair.

Have you ever donated your hair? Where did you donate it? Do you have any international organizations to add to my list?

International Hair Donations for children suffering from hair loss | Trilingual Mama

Even with shorter hair, Elena is as beautiful as ever and I am so proud of her!

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  1. Yes, I have ever donated my hair (30 cm long!) to Got a nice reply from them and I would certainly do it again if I have the chance to do so. :)

  2. Thank you for this post Maria, I didn’t know anything about hair donation, shame on me. So, no, I have never donated my hair but I’m thinking about it now! Bravo Elena, it’s a nice gesture! (and she is indeed very beautiful even with shorter hair)

  3. Soulei says:

    Any one knows where to donate in Sweden ?!

  4. Sibel Memedovska says:

    Hello, any one knows where to donate in Berlin,Germany????

  5. Qalb Baqir Abbas says:

    Hi,anyone knows any place in Genova Italy to Donate my Hairs?

  6. Mary Bond says:

    Great post, thanks – wanted to add, Little Princess Trust will take highlighted hair!

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