#iSpeakAmerican from the mouths of 25 children

Hey there friends! I’ve been kind of missing in action these past few days, busy on some other projects, but I just had to pop in today to share this video with you. If you remember my post about Cheerios, Coca Cola and standing up for diversity, then you’ll understand why I was so excited to get involved on this #iSpeakAmerican video project with Stephanie of InCulture Parent.

#iSpeakAmerican from the mouths of 25 children

And if you followed the #SpeakAmerican Twitter trend following the release of the multilingual, multicultural Coca Cola commercial, well then, this is our rebuttal! 25 beautiful children speaking one of their diverse mother tongues and then proudly proclaiming “I’m American!”

In between all the busyness of the past several days, I have been shooting videos of my girls with my smartphone and emailing them to Stephanie. (It took us several takes to get it right!) They were so giddy to be able to participate in such a project! And when I received the video by email this morning, well, I became emotional and I cried. I’m used to hearing my girls speak three languages, but all those other beautifully ethnic American children…. well, it just made me so proud of them and their parents.


So enough already, here it is! Enjoy and share freely! P.S. My girls are third into the video 😉

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1FToY3BfHRU]

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4 Responses

  1. Maria, your girls are such a cuties! And I love the idea of this video – great answer to all that Coke ad backsplash.

  2. Thanks so much for participating!!! This was SUCH a fun video to make and your girls are way too adorable.

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