Mexican drinks, paletas & aguas frescas

The weekend is here! Yay! And along with that hopefully time to relax with our families, right? 😉 What better way than family friendly Mexican drinks?! I’ve curated a collection of thick and rich smoothies, cool and refreshing aguas frescas, cold and fruity paletas and warm and comforting spicy hot cocoa – all inspired by our beloved Mexico. (See Pinterest board at the bottom of this post for links to a myriad of Mexican concoctions.)

Mexican drinks, paletas & aguas frescas | Trilingual Mama

Do you remember about the cucumber lemonade I told you my mom made us to drink with our Mexican tostadas? So refreshing! Well here’s a recipe I found online that ressembles hers….

Cucumber Lemonade | Smitten Kitchen

Makes just over 1 quart (4 cups). Serves 4 to 6 and up to 8 if you like a lot of fizzy water in yours.

1 pound cucumber(s), peeled or unpeeled, cut into large chunks, plus a few extra thin cucumber slices for garnish
1 cup lemon juice (from about 7 to 8 lemons, although juiciness will vary)
1/3 cup granulated sugar
2 cups cold water

Run cucumber through a blender or food processor until pureed, then run it for a full extra minute to ensure that it’s as processed as possible. Set a fine-mesh strainer ora regular strainer lined with a couple layers of cheesecloth or a coffee filter over a pitcher and pour cucumber puree through it, stirring to help it move along faster. Discard solids. In the pitcher, you should have about 1 cup cucumber juice.* Add lemon juice and sugar to it, then water. Give it a good stir or shake, and let it sit in the fridge (to get it started chilling) for 15 minutes, after which a couple more stirs or shakes should leave the sugar fully dissolved. Taste lemonade, adding more sugar or water if desired. (See Notes up top about concentration and sweetness.) Serve chilled over ice, with or without a splash of seltzer on top. You can fancy up the glass with a garnish of cucumber slice, if desired.

So drink some Mexican drinks with your family this weekend and if you haven’t yet entered the MKB Hispanic Heritage Month giveaway, there’s still time! There are over 47 ways to earn entries and they are all at the tip of your fingertips. Three incredible prize packages all filled with loads of Hispanic goodies! Come and join our MKB Hispanic Heritage Month celebration where you will find dozens and dozens of creative ways to celebrate with your children in Hispanic style! Órale!

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  1. marieclx says:

    What a great recipe – I can’t wait to try it! And glad to be directed to your pinterest board, am looking forward to all the inspiration and recipes! Thanks for linking up at the Creative Kids Culture Blog Hop

  1. October 2, 2014

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