Multilingual books & products (reviews)

Following you will find an open list of multilingual books and products I have reviewed or will be reviewing here on Trilingual Mama. For more resources, click here: Multilingual Resources.

Multilingual books and products (reviews) | Trilingual Mama

Books about bilingualism:

Books, music and resources for children:

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  1. Nice to know your story. In Nepal, we have 123 languages. But govt policy is to us eonly one langauge as offial lingua-franca. So children spean one language at home, and they need to speak other language in schools. And they learn English as a foreign language. They watch neighboring country India’s TV and movies. So, they learn Indian (Hindi) language automatically. This way, Nepalese people are naturally 4 lingual.

  1. November 10, 2014

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