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Online Books for Children: free online storytime in multiple languages | Trilingual Mama Free online books for kids in multiple languages? One of my readers who is preparing to raise his newborn daughter bilingually in a language not his own recently asked about children’s storybooks online. Living in Argentina, he is having a hard time finding children’s books in English. Now, we all know that reading to children is one of the most important things that we as parents can do for them. That said, reading to them in mutiple languages is even better! So what can you do if you’d like to read to your children in a foreign language but can’t get your hands on any books? Here’s a list of online resources I hope you’ll find useful. You’ll also find some helpful advice at Bilingual Monkeys: What to Do When It’s Hard to Find Children’s Books in Your Minority Language. I have divided them into two sections FREE and for purchase. Enjoy!

Also, brand new series that just started on Trilingual Mama in January 2015 will give you access to an ongoing series of reviews/features of bilingual online stories for children. Here is the first one: Free French children’s stories online.


 International Children’s Digital Library

 ICDL book logo

FREE digitalized award winning books available in several languages

Children’s Books Online by the Rosetta project 

FREE translated and digitalized AND audio books (multimedia books are also available for purchase)

We Give Books 


FREE digitalized award winning books combined with humanitarian efforts

Oxford Owl Reading

oxford owl 250 FREE eBooks (for mobile device) to share with your child as well as simple ideas, top tips, activities and games to help your child with their reading at home

 Storyline Online

 I Need My Monster, written by Amanda Noll, Illustrated by Howard McWilliam, read by Rita Moreno

FREE stories read by celebrity screen actors


a FREE platform for writers, readers and artists of all ages. For those who like picture books without words or want to write their own stories


Little Bilingues

Materials for promoting bilingualism in children ages 2-10 in French, Spanish and German. 

 Lingua Toys 

 books, games and music in several languages available for purchase online in France, the European Union and Switzerland

Bab’l Books


a library of bilingual children’s storybooks in both hardcover and multimedia formats available for purchase



publishes interactive children’s books for mobile devices. Trial story available for FREE.

A Child’s Life in the Andes

 a storybook with a music CD includes Spanish/English/Quechua translations

Mamemi: Listen, Learn and Play


gorgeous website of audio stories available in 9 languages! (several stories can be downloaded for FREE!)

Luca Lashes boy_photo

educational e-books and apps for children in multiple languages

My Own Passport

improving global literacy for kids

And finally, this is a Pinterest board that I’m working on – collecting more online books for children. You are welcome to have a look and explore on your own. Happy online book hunting!

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This article is part of the May 2014 edition of the Multilingual Blogging Carnival. This month's theme is How modern technology can help with raising a bilingual child.

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  1. Terri says:

    What great ideas! I am super excited to see so many options that are new to me. Thanks for helping us make learning fun for our little ones :)

    • Maria says:

      You are so welcome Terri! I’m beginning work to compile a new kid tested, parent approved list so stay tuned! 😉

  2. Lauren says:

    This is really helpful, not only for kids, but for those of us just starting on a new language and want easy vocabulary. I’m also interested in writing and illustrating children’s books, so that’s a double plus for me 😀 Thanks!

  3. Multilingual readers and writers may want to check out Dual Language Showcase.

  4. rosa says:


  5. Dashaina says:

    The little bilingual link goes to an expired site.

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