Multilingual Resources

This is a list of multilingual resources (websites, blogs, books, etc.) that I have found to be helpful in raising a multilingual family. Some Amazon Affiliate links included.

A list of resources for raising multilingual families | Trilingual Mama


  • Life as a Bilingual, François Grosjean, Ph.D., Emeritus Professor of psycholinguistics at the University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland and author of Bilingual: Life and Reality, among other books.
  • Spanglish Baby by Ana Liliana and Roxanne, two Latina moms, extremely passionate about raising bilingual, bi-cultural children.
  • Be Bilingual by Annika Bourgogne (book and website). Practical ideas for raising multilingual families.
  • Bilingual Kids Rock. Weekly articles, exclusive interviews, newsletter and more! Beautiful and rich website. Big plus: the podcasts!
  • Language Magazine is a website packed with multilingual information, resources and fresh stories from around the globe.
  • Multilngual Parenting is a website filled with thoughts and advice for parents in a family with more than one language.
  • Bilingual Monkeys is a website full of ideas and inspiration for raising bilingual children (without going bananas!)
  • Bilingual Avenue is a website to help you in your journey to bilingualism! And I am really excited about her podcasts!


Online multilingual bookstores:

  • Mommies Tongue. Mommies Tongue specialises in bilingual toys, books and learning tools to help aid the development of babies and children in their language skills.
  • Lingua Toys. An online store of books, games and music available in several languages. Ship to France, the European Union and Switzerland.
  • Lingowl. Fun Language resources for children, specialising in English and French, but also have resources in Arabic, Chinese, German, Irish, Italian, Spanish and more.


Books about bilingualism:

Resources for children:

  • Multilingual, multicultural online books for children. A compilation of online books for children in foreign languages.
  • Holiday gift guide for bilingual families. A compilation of products and other gift ideas for multilingual and multicultural families.
  • Littlebilingues. Free downloadable bilingual materials for children aged 2-6. French, Spanish and German as well as other languages in the near future. Please click on the link above to visit my online boutique where you can purchase the Littlebilingues “Zazoo” books at a discounted rate.
  • Kids’ Yoga Stories. Many of Giselle’s books are available in English, Spanish, Portuguese. These are two that we have and use at home.

  • Pacca Alpaca. Multilingual app for kids 2-6 available in English, French, Spanish, Arabic and Mandarin Chinese.
  • Eulingual. Find all the free language resources links on the internet in one place at Eulingual. Free TV Online, Useful Phrases with audio files and much more.

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  1. Thank you, Maria. I will work my way through this list. I certainly need more knowledge as I start my children on their third language.

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