Traveling with a baby – Dublin, Ireland, part 2

These are a few more photos of Dublin I wanted to share and a few little cultural tidbits that stood out to me…

In Dublin we always had to remember when crossing streets to look right! Because, yep, you guessed it, over there they drive on the right. Thank heavens for LOOK RIGHT and LOOK LEFT painted at the crosswalks! Most likely, probably saved my little life!

This was our daily morning walk around 8 in the morning. I would force myself to get up with Sam and walk him all the way to his office (about a 15 minute brisk walk) so that I was up and about and could take advantage of as much time as possible in the mornings and take Rémy home for a nap in the afternoon.

Passed by this pretty place so many times and, yes, the lights were always on even at 8 a.m. We were told there were very pretty gardens inside, so we thought we’d pay a visit… Imagine our naiveté when we asked what a beer garden was!
(Um, this might reveal a thing or two about us…) Sorry folks, didn’t visit a single pub and imagine my surprise when I realized that the Guinness Storehouse is not the place you go to buy the Book of World Records! Um, yeah…

Once we dropped Sam off at work, we made a solitary pit-stop at Iveagh Gardens where other than a few masters running their dogs, we were the only visitors….
Such a pretty place but a little too lonely!

And so off we’d go to continue our exploring on the streets of Dublin that would little by little come alive as the morning wore on…

… revealing a city full of diverse people, transportation, colors and sounds!

…and I started to see a pattern of colorful Georgian doors! These are the colorful doors of Dublin! Loved them!

Tomorrow I’ll share our final photos: Trinity College and the Book of Kells!

And click here if you’d like additonal information about visiting Ireland with children.

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